Becoming A Tattoo Artist

Being good at drawing doesn t make you good at tattooing. You can think about it like the difference between drawing something on paper and then carving it onto a pumpkin. It helps to have a natural aptitude for drawing, but it takes a long time to understand the difference between what you can draw and .Should I Become a Tattoo Artist? Degree Level. Compile a Portfolio. Aspiring tattoo artists should possess great artistic ability and creativity. Complete an Apprenticeship. Take Tattoo Artist Education Courses. Get a License. Continue Education for Advancement..Find an Apprenticeship. Becoming a tattoo artist is a commitment, as the learning never stops. Some artists will consider taking courses at a community college, online, or even graduate with a degree from a university to broaden their artistic abilities. But, most tattoo artists learn by acquiring an apprenticeship..

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